Internet of Things

IoT Solutions To Keep You Connected.

Today’s world is filled with smart technology that goes far beyond your mobile phone. Whether you’re in the office, at home, or on the go, BMP can help your business stay connected and productive in all the ways you need to. Connect with BMP and access critical data remotely from anywhere in real-time, using smart technology and reliable devices that allow you to work wherever you go, any time of day, without missing a beat.

Stay Connected

No matter how big or small your business may be, or what industry you operate in, BMP has IOT solutions to keep you connected.


Home/Office Security

Manage your home simple security options that make it easy to arm and disarm, indoor security cameras to keep track of your assets and staff, automated alerts, and more.

Vehicle Connectivity

Hotspot Connectivity for your company vehicle or business fleet to help save on fuel and keep up with maintenance requirements.


Wearable Connectivity

For times when phones are off limits or just plain inconvenient, wearable technology allows you to stay connected from your wrist.

Hotspot Connectivity

On the go a lot? Hotspot connectivity helps you do your job productively in and out of the office, from pretty much anywhere you want.


Cellular Enabled Tablet Technology

Forget the Hotspot; use a cellular-enabled tablet to get your work done efficiently and fast.


Ready to work smarter with Business Mobility Partners IOT?

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