T-Mobile Master Dealer Sell-With Program

Sell T-Mobile With Business Mobility Partners - A T-Mobile Authorized Distributor.

As a T-Mobile Primary Agent (formerly called a Master Agent), BMP enables businesses to combine their solutions with the capabilities of T-Mobile. Sell high-quality new and certified used hardware and accessories, and BMP custom hardware solutions to your customers. Offer convenient and secure mobile device management services by leveraging T-Mobile’s technology and cloud capabilities or sell standard and custom software solutions to maximize mobile device efficiency and security. Plus; you’ll get access to flexible and affordable financing to help you do all of the above.


Who Is A T-Mobile Authorized Distributor?

BMP is a proud T-Mobile authorized distributor. As a T-Mobile Primary Agent, BMP provides businesses and organizations the ability to sell T-Mobile products and services alongside their existing business offerings.

Here’s how it works:

Partner reaches out to BMP to set-up discovery call.


BMP will qualify partner solution or equipment and ensure it fits in well with BMP’s suite of offerings.


Partner fills out Sell-With Onboarding Form, detailing business and device and/or software information.


BMP submits form to the T-Mobile National Account Manager.


BMP’s T-Mobile National Account Manager will set up a vetting call with the Partner, BMP, and the T-Mobile Channel Account Manager.


If approved, partner’s device will go through the T-Mobile Certification Process.


Once certified, BMP will begin working to market your product and company via T-Mobile and the 3K plus T-Mobile for Business Reps selling solutions daily.


Pair T-Mobile Products And Services With Your Business

Sell T-Mobile Products

Sell new, brand name mobile hardware and accessories using T-Mobile’s expansive team of hardware procurement, fulfillment, shipping and programming experts.

Sell BMP Custom Products

Help customers solve complex problems with BMP’s custom and sourced product solutions built to customer specification.

Sell Certified Used Products

Sell certified used hardware and accessories to offer affordable alternatives for customers with smaller budgets.

Offer Mobile Device Management

Offer customers mobile device management services to help them keep track of the products they purchase.

Standard And Custom Software Solutions

Leverage the knowledge and experience of our team to build standard and custom software solutions to help customers get the most out of their mobile devices.

Get Equipment Financing

Get the financing you need to buy and sell products with T-Mobile.

Mobile Reseller Success Stories

I utilize Cole & BMP for almost all of my Sell-With opportunities. The only reason I would not use BMP would be if they don’t have the solution I’m looking for at that time, which let me mention, barely happens! That’s how much reliability and trust I have in this company when it comes to servicing my clients. The process for utilizing BMP is extremely transparent and convenient for me as an Account Executive. Having a direct point of contact who is responsive and makes the process easy with as little steps as possible for me is crucial for my success. I have found this exact relationship with Cole & team and cannot recommend them enough!

Lindsay Adam


I manage a T-Mobile for Business Sales team based in AZ, though I have a broad selection of partners who I have the ability to work with, I use BMP with nearly every opportunity. Over the last couple years of partnering, I have developed a trusted relationship with the BMP Team, I take comfort in the ability to pick up the phone and speak to Peter or Steve knowing that I am going to receive not only the best price on equipment, but equally important, I am going to have a butter smooth activation & delivery process that is not a certainty with some partners. Simply put, I would not be as effective in role, nor would I be able to duplicate past performance if I didn’t have the established partnership with BMP. I truly appreciate BMP and look forward to continuing our successful business relationship.

Feedback from a very satisfied business partner


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