Your Dedicated T-Mobile Equipment Distribution Provider.

As a trusted T-Mobile’s equipment distribution provider, BMP offers a wide selection of on-demand hardware and accessories from the biggest name brands in the industry. Whether you’re looking for the top brands in new equipment, custom hardware, or certified used equipment, we give you access to the best business wireless products available, including:


Brand Name Products

BMP’s selection of new equipment includes everything you need to keep your mobile business running smoothly:


Choose from a selection of top brand Smartphones to help you and your staff stay connected wherever you go. Expand the capabilities of your phones with access to secure and business-friendly apps, conferencing tools, cloud sharing and more.


Choose from a range of quality tablets which provide consistent internet connectivity and secure access to all of your business data and applications, while on the go. We provide the tools you need to be efficient and productive no matter where you are; give a sales presentation, write/edit business content, and/or review and update customer data – all from the palm of your hand.


Choose from available mPOS systems designed to help make it easy for your customers to pay securely, while also helping you better manage payments from anywhere, at any time. Our user-friendly, tablet-based mPOS systems make it easy to receive payments while on the go. mPOS systems also links transactions to your central database, making it simple to manage your sales and inventory in real-time.


IoT Devices

BMP offers connectivity options for businesses of all types and sizes, and across all industries. From simple solutions to more complex, API-based connectivity, we’ll help your business stay connected and productive wherever you go.

Routers/Modems/Signal Boosters

BMP understands how difficult it can be to be productive and effective while on the go. We offer products designed to give users reliable access to data, systems and email from anywhere, using T-Mobile’s robust 4G LTE network. And, we offer these products at discounted prices, with fast shipping, due to our established partnerships with top suppliers.

Our inventory of data devices consists of:

  • Embedded modules
  • USB modems
  • Hotspots
  • M2M routers
  • Home/office LTE routers
  • Amplifiers
  • and more


You’ll likely need a variety of accessories to get the most out of your mobile devices. BMP offers an extensive selection of mobile accessories, including:

  • Rugged cases
  • Chargers
  • Antennas
  • Headsets
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Mounting products
  • Extra batteries
  • and more

Custom And Certified Used

BMP’s custom equipment is made to fit your unique business needs. If you need a solution that doesn’t exist, we’ll build it for you. Or, if you don’t want to spend a lot to equip your mobile business, our certified used hardware offers cost effective alternatives to fit your budget.

BMP Custom Products

BMP is the exclusive distributor for Mobile Initiative Hardware, and can build custom hardware on Demand. Because we understand that out-of-the box equipment isn’t always the best fit for your business needs, we also offer custom built equipment to meet the unique needs and challenges of your business. We offer custom tailored equipment and computer solutions. Contact us to learn more.


Certified Used Hardware

BMP also offers a full line of certified used equipment as an even more affordable option for those looking for reliable products on a budget. Our certified hardware is internally certified through a process which includes in-depth device history research and device testing.

We offer the following categories of certified products:

  • Certified Handsets

Choose from a selection of reliable and high-performance secondhand name brand handsets.

  • Certified Tablets

Choose from a selection of quality secondhand devices to meet your business needs and budget.

BMP Certified Used Hardware Items Are Guaranteed To:

  • Be 100% functional as certified through our rigorous research and testing procedures.
  • Be cleared of previous user data and reset. (We also verify that IMEI’s have a minimal activation history.)
  • Be accompanied by original OEM accessories in all cases.
  • Come with a standard, 180-day warranty. Warranty can be extended in some cases. (Contact us for details.)
  • Be in excellent or better cosmetic condition. If customer is not satisfied with the condition, it can be exchanged immediately and without question.
  • Be packaged in a high-quality box, with all OEM accessories appropriately bagged and hardware will contain lens tape where applicable.

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